Thursday, December 24, 2009

The SOCiety

alia hadi



one night in kuantan of the best experience i ever had for this year..hanging out with my frens...on all day kuantan....the trip its not been expected..its becoming so fast.....but i really enjoy the day....

starting from friday until saturday..through it with full of happiness in my regrets....ermm...watching been memorable...although its raining all day long...but its never makes us feel tired of it....

thanks to
you all was so you alls

and for really2.....destroyed me owe me one k..huuuuuuuuuu

great2...experience..hope can face it again someday


Best film of 2009......speechless....magical...impressive....multi winning production...absolutely amazing....the film really touch my heart and makes me feel like i in the movie . for the duration 2 hours n a half...there is no boring at all...all focusing on the magic of the film...the picture..the song..fantastic.....if there is any film that i want to see hundred times..i choose avatar..totally great..its a waste if you all dont watch it....5 over 5

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I want to know what love is

I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when Im colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is.....
I want you to show me......
I wanna feel what love is.....
I know you can show me......

there is thousand answer for it..but i sure i know what loves is
loves change people
loves open people heart
loves makes me feel warm
loves makes me want to care and share my feeling with someone else
loves complete me

love is such a pure things
i desire it
i need it
and i hope i will always full with love

love to my parents
love u all till death
my brothers...
my friends.....................

Thursday, November 26, 2009


i get inspired from many things..from famous people..from my brother...and many more...but at the end i realize that i mostly get inspired from myself a lot....i did not why..but after all the obstacle i been through..after all the sadness i have been facing..i still holding tight on my spirit and soul to face this world...i mostly really wants to thanks to god for giving me this chance to live in this feel what really the reason im here...i think myself maybe just not good to be inspired by others...but i feel happy if my writing can makes someone think back what they really are..what is her or his best inspiration?

my results has comes out...and it barely sicken my heart a lot....i did not manage to get a better mum and dad target...and i feel broken inside..but what to do?.things has happen..we cannot travel times i take all this as a big wake up for me...there is always time for changing........and for those my friends who gets a good worried ...i will chasing you all after this...

special congrats to

my best frens
they really inspired me

my roomate..
for always there to share something

my classmate
and more....
for being the supportive

my matriculation friends
for being great and cool

the name i been says..i really make them as inspiration....not all..but still is

living in this world is such a inspiration for me............

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Am mE

I am me. this is my new posting..and absolutely it is the most emotional post for is really describe me as a person and how am i growing as a is so complicated..but it is up to us to make it easy...and for me my journey so far is full of, white, red, yellow, blue ,,,and many more...many obstacle have i been through..many problem have i been facing..and thanks to god, i always find a way to solve my problem..thank you so much god, you really help your servants to live in this life....but i dont wat to talk abot my life journey.. i just want to make a statement that we should be what we are and dont pretend to be another person just to fit in places..people know you from what you are...and do us must really care if they dont like us or hate us because of what am shouldnt ... but when we become what that really we want to feel feel feel that we dont lie to person around really feel that we..that us....maybe at some moment some people cannot except us..but after a long time they will accepts long we still stick to ourself and dont pretend to be another person..just be what we are.....we cannot shout people mouth..but we can change and be what we want to be as a person...and is all in our hand....thanks

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lelaki Sejati tapi main pondan

i type the title in bahasa melayu cuz i dont have another words to explain about them....i surely people want to know..this is come from my life journey...
i hate them...i fuck them....i hope their all i can say..the 'lelaki sejati main pondan' is come from many types of human, student, workers, teachers, and many more..they really sucks..pretending to love a woman and absolutely have a girlfriends...or maybe 'cikaru' or 'bohsia' or so whatever...but still their make love with pondan..what a shame....i feel pity for any woman out there that have boyfriends that make love with pondan....are they so 'ketagih seks' or maybe 'gian' to make love sampai pondan pun also i want to say to the world please wake up . im saying this because it happens in our community.....and is up for us to make a change....

p/s: maybe people will hardly describe that 'pondan' is is up for the viewers to judge me..iam me...and i dont care what people says....did they give feed to