Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Am mE

I am me. this is my new posting..and absolutely it is the most emotional post for is really describe me as a person and how am i growing as a is so complicated..but it is up to us to make it easy...and for me my journey so far is full of, white, red, yellow, blue ,,,and many more...many obstacle have i been through..many problem have i been facing..and thanks to god, i always find a way to solve my problem..thank you so much god, you really help your servants to live in this life....but i dont wat to talk abot my life journey.. i just want to make a statement that we should be what we are and dont pretend to be another person just to fit in places..people know you from what you are...and do us must really care if they dont like us or hate us because of what am shouldnt ... but when we become what that really we want to feel feel feel that we dont lie to person around really feel that we..that us....maybe at some moment some people cannot except us..but after a long time they will accepts long we still stick to ourself and dont pretend to be another person..just be what we are.....we cannot shout people mouth..but we can change and be what we want to be as a person...and is all in our hand....thanks


tyrah said...

totally agree wif u babe!
*thumb up (:

Hadi Halim said...

thats good...we should know ourself better n be what we want to be..fight for your right...